Hope and Life Centre (Recife, Brazil)

Hope and Life Centre (Recife, Brazil)

We support a youth and children's centre which teaches recreational and educational workshops and provides a safe space for children to escape the violence of the streets.

Santo Amaro has a reputation as one of the most violent favela communities.  Living in an impoverished situation, many children have no option but to spend their spare time on the streets where they are at high risk of being targeted by drugs and trafficking gangs or getting caught up in the violence.

Bringing hope and life

The Hope and Life Centre provides a sanctuary for hundreds of vulnerable children in the favela each year.  The children come to the centre before and after school, to have a hot meal and receive all round care.

While at the centre, the children can attend workshops in arts and crafts, sport, dance and music.  For older children, there are also workshops available on business training and communications to help prepare them for the world of work.

We support a psychologist at the centre who helps the children deal with any issues they may be facing at home or elsewhere.  She also reaches out to their mothers to support them through their struggles and provide family therapy to help the mothers have a positive influence on their children.

Breaking the stereotype

We're really pleased that last year four young people from our programme were selected for a prestigious business training programme.  They are making huge progress in their apprenticeships and are impressing their trainers by breaking the stereotype of young people from the favelas and proving that they are dedicated and hard working.

Country profile
  • Capital
  • Brasilia
  • Languages
  • Portuguese
  • Government
  • Federal presidential constitutional republic
  • Area
  • 3,287,597 sq mi
  • Population
  • 192,376,496
  • GDP
  • £1,461 billion
  • Per capita
  • £7,449